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Ajrak 36 (2 Meter)

Ajrak 36 (2 Meter)

Like any hand-crafted process, the fabric is subject to inevitable “imperfections” that increase the appeal of the finished product.


Width    :  44 - 46 inch

Weight  :  130 - 170 gram/meter

Ajrak in Arabic literally means sky blue. As the blue (indigo) is the most prominent colour in Ajrak printing, it is called Ajrak. It is also believed that the name Ajrak may also come from the Hindi word aaj rakh, `keep it for the day`, for the craftsperson believe that longer the gap between the two processes, finer is the work.


Ajrak is one of the most ancient methods of printing and dyeing with the use of hand carved wooden blocks. The designs produced are mostly geometrical and sometimes uses as many as fourteen different blocks and may take four to six weeks to complete.


Traditionally Ajrak craft is done using mud-based resist printing with natural dyes. The ground colours for Ajrak have been either red or blue.  Colours within the designing or patterning are red, blue, black and white which works as an accent. Most of the processes are carried out in the open in extreme conditions - the more extreme the heat, the brighter the colours and better the quality of Ajrak. 

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