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Bagh 03

Bagh 03

Like any hand-crafted process, the fabric is subject to inevitable “imperfections” that increase the appeal of the finished product.


Width : 44 - 46 inch

Weight : 130 - 170 gram/meter


1 unit equals 1 meter of fabric

Bagh prints originate from a small town of Madhya Pradesh called Bagh. Bagh Prints are known for its brilliant red and black. The high copper content and flowing water of Baghini River helps in getting deep red and black.

The Bagh printing process involves washing of the cloth with goat dung and treating it with papar khar and harida solution.  Two colour paste namely kasis and alum is used to produce black and red. Finally bhatti process is done by boiling the cloth with alizarin and dhavdi flowers. The result is astonishing and each single impression is visible and different from another.

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