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Kalamkari 42 (2.50 Meter)

Kalamkari 42 (2.50 Meter)

Like any hand-crafted process, the fabric is subject to inevitable “imperfections” that increase the appeal of the finished product.




Width : 44 - 46 inch

Weight : 130 - 170 gram/meter

Kalamkari means to draw with the pen. In Persian “kalam” means pen and “kari” means to draw. The art of the kalamkari can be traced back to Iran and even today one can find pattern of some clothes common in Iran and India.

There are two distinct style of kalamkari art in India the Srikalahasti style and Machilipatnam style. Srikalahasti style of kalamkari is purely hand work while in Machilipatnam style wooden blocks are used.  The printing process involved washing the cloth and treating it with harida solution. The actual printing is carried out by stamping the wooden block on the cloth. There can be several colurs in one design and hence several blocks.

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